Translation module for Contact form

I spend lots of time to find out a right way to translate the custom text which is visible on the top of the contact form.

This  custom text we can add from contact setting (admin/build/contact/settings). Then I found out this very helpful module (tContact).

It is very easy to configure and get what you exactly want. Just summarize the tasks you need to follow:

  1.  Download and enable the module
    Add in the setting.php file :  $conf['i18n_variables'][] = 'contact_form_information';
    Go to Add/edit category from : admin/build/contact
    This is important to know , you need to either change your existing categories or Add new category for each  language, otherwise it wont work.
    Final step, go to admin/build/contact/settings , add custom text for each language by switching each language.for example,
    go to English version of your site and custom text, go to Swedish (languages you have in your site) add text for Swedish.
    Now when you will go contact form you will see different custom text in different languages.BINGO 🙂


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