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how to write php string variable in javascript function

‘<div onclick= “show_ajax_next(4,5,'’.$ajax.’','’.$form_id.’');”>’ . t(”) . ‘</div>’

in short  –'’.$ajax.’&#039–;

In place of “‘” (single quote) use ‘'’



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Remove playlist or recommended video from youtube video


Many people will face this problem. Sometimes we show you tube videos in our site but we do not want to show the playlist or recommended videos at the end of video.

It is very easy to remove just adding ?rel=0 at the end of you tube video link!

example :

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Convert video to MP4 format

this is a good tool to convert any video format to MP4

it is free and it convert full video.

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multiple steps in drupal from 6

Hi ,

this is a very useful link to create multiple steps  in drupal (V-6) for any form.


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