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payson Drupal module

-Helper module developed in version 6 which helps to do payment service provider through Payson
-It has administrative interface to set up email address, additonal cost , taxes so on.
– Easy to use witn any form which need to submit payment with custom price.

How to use:

Create a form and call payson_initialize($params) to develop the
form elements with payson form submit. $params will contain all custom needed variable.

after payment call payson_complete($params) to validate the payment is right/wrong

Link of project:
Git Repo :

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Crap Newsletter template in Outlook 2007/2010 in Drupal


I used Drupal simplenews to send newsletter to all the memebers of my site.  It was a real hell of life. It takes thousands of my hours to spend to fix the template but I cant. because it was not a probelm

in simplenews. I  used mimemail which create all those problem for me. Mimemail add the site css file in mail body autometically and it does not work that inline css of newsletter in Outlook when you sending newsletter from

Drupal system.

Then i found a solution which guide me in the  below link:

All is that I need to override the mimemail message function. You need to remove the Css file to added in variable field. Then try with it and see it works .-)


function YourThemeName_preprocess_mimemail_message(&$variables)
// otherwise you’ll get random css added to the newsletter
$variables[‘css’] = “”;

, ,

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