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Drupal Developer Wunderkraut Sweden AB
Cell: +46-(0)72-037 41 08
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Mustakimul Islam, or Takim, is working with wunderkraut Sweden and finishing his Masters degree in Software Engineering of distributed system at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. He has hands on experience in building application using PHP and web development application in Content management system (CMS) specially Drupal (Version 5,6.7,8) for the past eight years. He has extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS, AJAX, Jquery, XML, Web Service for developing Web based application. During his career life he worked as a consultant and knows how to handle and manage Web based applications with excellence. He has also certified Scrum master.

Takim is an ambitious talkative native from Bangladesh. He is nurturing a fascination with Sweden, as he says “it´s kind people and cold living”, and trying daily to find those spicy dishes he is used to from Dhaka, his hometown. He has proved himself a good team member and has good communication skills and experience of client communication. One of Takims main interests is user experience and to develop that great intuitive and “easy to use” web page. Favorite examples are and .

I do not know anyone who has gotten to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. I have seen the master of this recipe during my studies at KTH and throughout my job life. I am always curious about learning new technologies and implementing them to get rid of stone age processes. I love to come up with interesting and innovative ideas and then impressed all  with my efforts to support my ideas. My extra curriculum activities are amazing and I can get anything I wish I want 🙂

I can also work as an consultant or Team member in project mostly located  on Stockholm, Sweden. If you need me or any Developer contact me Anytime.You will find out my contact detail
in my resume and on top.
My resume

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