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Solution :Print Css problem in IE8


As a drupal developer , i always thought if i add anything in print.css it will work for all client browsers. But as expected IE8 does not work it should be. If you hide menu, header so on in your print.css using

#header, #menu {

display : none;


it does not work with IE8.

Solution : Just use the following library for print.css or normal css. It will work as charm.


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jQuery Method To Prompt A User To Save Changes Before Leaving Page

var isDirty = false;

isDirty = true;

var confirmExit = confirm(‘Are you sure? You haven\’t saved your changes. Click OK to leave or Cancel to go back and save your changes.’);
return true;
return false;

ref :

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Nice Jquery tooltip

I worked with many Web project and user interface. Many time, I need some cool jquery tooltip which contains HTML content and
you can change position wherever you want.

This is the sample code and link which will reduce lots of your time to find in internet. Just follow the links.

Details of Tooltip :
Configuration of tooptip in jquery function :

Download right jquery tools  js file from :


Hope this is fine enough for developer to understand and use anywhere in their project. It supported almost all major browsers ( Including IE 6 +  🙂 )



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